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Renee Gracie Makes a Nightmare Racing
Return In OnlyFans Car After a 6 Year Break Of Focusing On Only Fans X-Rated Content.

Christina Perri

Apr 28, 2023

Former supercar driver turned OnlyFans model, Renee Gracie, marked her official return to racing this week after a six-year absence. Her comeback didn't go as expected, she finished 13th out of 16 in the first qualifying session.

Renee Gracie, the former Supercars driver who turned to adult entertainment, has finally realized her dream of returning to motorsport.

She has been planning her comeback for several years, but her first weekend at the track was a harsh reality check. Gracie has struggled to keep pace with her competitors in her first event behind the wheel of her Audi R8 LMS in the GT World Challenge Australia series.

In the Qualifying rounds, Gracie finished 13th out of 16 cars in Qualifying 1 and 15th out of 16 in Qualifying 2. Despite the tough start, Gracie remained upbeat and took to her Instagram page to update her 200,000 followers.

She wrote: “Great first day back on track after 6 years! Time to go racing for the first time in my @onlyfans Audi.”

In her opening race, Gracie finished 13th, two laps behind the winner. In the second qualifying race, she finished 15th of 16, again two laps behind the winners Liam Talbot and Max Hofer. Despite the results, Gracie remained positive and excited for the next race. She posted on her Instagram stories:

“Last day here in Perth. Excited to get one more race under my belt. And off to Philip Island in two weeks”.

Gracie’s Audi turned heads when it was unveiled, with its controversial paint-job. The car is painted blue and white, with large OnlyFans logos as far as the eye can see. The car also had several QR codes located around the body when it was first shown off in front of cameras.

OnlyFans is really excited to be on board for the full 2023 season and to be part of the championship – and Motorsport in general,

Gracie said to The Daily Telegraph. “They are becoming more involved in supporting content creators on their platform with their passions, and I’m excited to work with them on this journey.”

The GT World Challenge Australia series is a significant starting point for Gracie as she continues to declare a desire to return to race in the Bathurst 1000 in coming years.

Gracie switched to adult subscription website OnlyFans, which paid off as she claimed to have earned more than $500,000 in one month in 2020.

Gracie hinted that she had big plans for a return to racing last month when it was announced she would feature as the star of a new documentary that will chart her comeback to motorsport.

“I started planning a return to the sport in 2021, which is when I started getting serious, talking to people, and discovering what was possible,”

Gracie told the GT World Challenge Australia website.

“The first indication was that there were challenges to find the support within the industry to make it work, so we took our time to plan and get the ideal program together.

Some opportunities that presented were right and some were wrong, but the stars have aligned to pull all this together. Everything has worked and fallen into place, and I’m really happy with everyone I am working with and who has been part of this journey. It was proof to me that yes, this was the time to get back into racing.

Gracie said the category, which features Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, and BMW entries, is also a stepping stone towards competing in international motorsport series. She said it has been hard work to pursue a return to racing, saying some motorsport officials have frowned at her ambitions.

“Ultimately it shouldn’t matter who you are or what you do,” she said. “If you want to achieve something and you set your mind to doing it, you should be able to achieve that.”


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